Tips for Choosing the Best Power Washing Company

Most homeowners use pressure washing services to refresh the appearance of their decks, siding, concrete, floors, walls, fences and more. This type of cleaning is quite effective. In fact, dirt, mold, grim, or mildew are removed instantly when you power wash. When searching for the right service, there are several things you must consider.

Power washing is not easy task to undertake if you do not have the know-how. Note also that purchasing a power washer can be very expensive. The other option is renting one, but do you know how to properly operate a power washing machine? It’s important to know that using too high pressure can damage any surface especially wood on a deck. It’s very easy for pressure washing to cause serious damage to a deck, siding, roof or fence. Even stucco and other hard surfaces can be weakened.

Also, what kind of cleaning solution do you want to use? Often do-it-yourselfers add bleach thinking it’s a great way give the surface a thorough cleaning. But that isn’t true. Bleach also leaves a certain hue afterward. The logical option is to seek a professional power washing company who can explain their cleaning solution in more detail.

The challenge however comes in deciding who is the best company for your needs. Everyone wants a company that will guarantee the best results while charging a reasonable fee. While there may be many available to you, there are a number of considerations to take into account.

To begin with, you need to carry out your research well to see whether you will locate a reliable service provider in your area. Is the company insured? That’s especially important if they are power washing stains off your roof. Do not make the mistake of hiring uninsured contractors. Ask to see their insurance policy. The insurance policy should also be adequate to cover any damages that may be caused. If someone falls off your roof or a ladder while power washing and the company is not insured, you are responsible for covering their injury expenses.

Be sure to ask for some references. This is because they will act as proof for guaranteed performance. A service provider that is willing to provide these contacts is confident with his work. Positive feedback from former customers will boost your confidence and trust on the company you intend to hire.

When choosing the right power washing company, be careful about the cleaning solution used. Will it harm your nearby trees, shrubs and plants? At All Surface Restoration, we only use an all-natural, strong oxidizing cleaner that will not harm nearby vegetation. In fact, it’s even approved by the FDA.

Also, be sure to hire an established company that has highly trained, experienced technicians that are well-versed with the power cleaning process. Avoid newly-established companies because they lack the know-how in this particular field.