Clean & Restore Your Deck for Longer Lasting Protection

Cleaning decks is one of the most popular wood restoration and power washing projects performed in the country. Every homeowner that has a deck made from treated lumber needs to clean and maintain the wood to last for many years and to keep it looking great, year after year.

With our many years of deck restoration & repair experience, we fully understand the need to keep your deck protected from the elements of nature. We also realize how important it is to clean and seal decks with the proper professional grade cleaners and wood sealers.

It is also important to use the right pressure washing equipment set to the correct psi in order to prevent the wood from being damaged. Applying the wood sealer evenly to a clean surface is also a very important step that must be done with care so you do not end up with streaks, runs or light and dark spots. Applying the products evenly will also ensure protection. We have been hired by numerous homeowners to fix some other power washing company’s botched up job.

This is where hiring an expert deck cleaning contractor comes into play. Anyone with a desire to work and a good pressure washer can clean and rinse a driveway, but when it comes to wood restoration, not everyone has the know-how. It is especially more complex when more exotic timber is used for building decks like ipe and cedar. Only a select few have the experience it takes to apply deck stains or sealers properly.

It takes time, patience and lots of experience to restore decks to a better than new appearance and one that will stand up to the elements like rain, snow and the sun. Having the job done right the first time is important to the life of the lumber and will determine how appealing the deck will be for years to come. So if you do not have the experience it takes to perform this type of work, do yourself a favor and contact a professional with a proven track record and referrals from satisfied customers like All Surface Restoration.