Homeowners Are Choosing to Renew Instead of Buying New

Whether or not homeowners are just trying to save money or improving the curb appeal of their home, we have found that power washing has caught on quite well in these economic times. The best choice is using a low-pressure power washing system that contains an environmentally-safe liquid that removes dirty stains, mold and mildew from any type of surface.

Homeowners are astounded at the results. When I conduct one of my demonstrations, the homeowners cannot believe how amazing the results are. Renewing a deck, roof, or siding instead of replacing it saves homeowners thousands of dollars.

The most common types of jobs for this service are siding, stucco, roofs, decks, and walkways including pavers. The commercial market has also grown as property owners seek to freshen up the look of their buildings. Schools districts are especially fond of all this type of power washing because its process does not use harmful chemicals.

It boasts of its green properties that will not harm shrubs, flowers and trees nearby. Many cleaning products for siding, roofs, decks and walkways are very damaging to nearby plants. All too often the wrong kind of cleaning product can cost thousands of dollars to the homeowner just to replace the shrubs and trees.

Homeowners often make the mistake of thinking they need a new roof because of accumulated dirt, mold and mildew. Of course roofs are meant to last 10, 20 even 30 years and power washing can thoroughly clean roofs and restore its original color.

There are some power washing companies who make all kind of claims, but homeowners and businesspeople should be careful because serious damage can occur when high pressure is used to rid the surfaces of stains especially in the case of stucco, siding and decks.