Get Your House in Shape After the Treacherous Winter

Better weather is here and you’ll soon be spending a lot more time outdoors. But is your house ready? There are many important steps you can be taking to get your house ready for spring.

Even though you were sheltered from this winter’s harsh elements, your house has been taking a beating. Your home could use a little freshening up in the spring by power washing the siding and roof. It gives your house a fresh, new look getting rid of the winter grime.

Warmer weather also means you are going to spend more time on the deck. Heaven knows the storms during the past couple of winters have wreaked havoc on many decks. We are seeing a lot of damaged decks this month many of them needing repairs.

It’s a good idea to trim back any tree branches or shrubs that may be touching your home and create an excellent route for bugs to enter your home. The tree branches can also damage the exterior as the wind brushes the branches back and forth against your house.